5 Things to Know When Using Marble Countertops for Bathroom Remodeling Project in Houston, TX

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Marble Countertops for Bathroom Remodeling

Marble countertops are a timeless and graceful addition to any bathroom that offers an outstanding durability. This natural metamorphic rock that is formed from crystallized limestone contains lovely coloration and dramatic veining.

Marble is a pretty delicate and soft stone that can be easily stained or scratched. Thus, it is ideal to use marble countertops for bathrooms where they’ll certainly receive proper maintenance, regular sealing, and gentle treatment.

Are you looking for bathroom remodeling ideas using marble countertops? This natural stone will introduce a sense of richness and sophistication that is well-suited for chic and elegant bathroom designs. Keep reading to reveal five important tips for bathroom remodeling using marble countertops.

#1 Color Options

Marble comes with a wide range of beautiful shades, including white, beige, green, black, gray, red, and pink etc. For an example, black marble countertops are always considered to be a classy and timeless addition when paired with an exquisite white vanity cabinet.

However, white Italian marble countertops are widely popular for bathroom remodeling. A white Italian marble countertop with a matching vanity and backsplash can create a cohesive and distinctive outlook.

#2 Finishing

In general, three types marble finishing are mostly popular for bathroom renovations. If you are looking for a glossy and lustrous shine, you should opt for polished marble finishing. Alternatively, you may either incorporate antiqued finishing (for a weathered look) or honed finishing (for a regular matte look).

#3 Edge Options

Marble is a soft natural stone that allows the fabricators to craft unique edge designs. When remodeling your bathroom with marble countertops, it’s recommended to choose appropriate edge styling (according to your individual preference). The straight edges for marble countertops is a prevailing choice for many.

However, if you are looking for unique and unconventional design options, then you can opt for curving edge. Curving edge for marble countertops features a truly mesmerizing look (when crafted by the vetted professionals of a reliable renovation contractor).

#4 Practicality

Marble countertops require regular sealing and frequent maintenance to protect them from scratches, stains, and gouges. Also, it’s recommended to pay an extra attention when you are dealing with perfumes, colognes, bathroom cleansers, or hair dyes. These kinds of liquids may cause etching or staining on marble.

#5 The Final Tip

Whether you are searching for a vintage, traditional, or modern look for bathroom remodeling, a uniquely-designed marble countertop will create an impressive appearance. To create an inspiring and impressive look for your bathroom, contact us for the best-possible outcome.

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