A Guide to Kitchen Makeovers

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By Brandon Lynch, CGP, CAPS. Reprinted from the Houston Chronicle, Sunday, February 26, 2012

(Houston, TX, February 26, 2012) —A kitchen makeover can be a big undertaking to say the least. Most people that are discontent with something or many things in their cooking space decide that a kitchen remodel is the best way to make the changes they desire. To prevent unnecessary delays and unnecessary spending during your remodel, here is an easy to follow guide to kitchen makeovers.

The Decision

Before you start there are some essential questions to consider. How many and what types of changes are needed. How many and what types of changes are desired. And most importantly, what is the budget? These may seem like a basic questions but it is necessary to answer them. The direction of your kitchen remodel will be defined by your answers.

Does your kitchen need restoration? Is there severe water damage on the walls, leaking plumbing, worn out and unhinged cabinets, or appliances that do not function properly? On the other hand, is it simply time to update the aesthetics of your kitchen? When you walk into the space do you want to turn around and walk out? Either way, knowing the reasons for the project will outline its scope.

The Possibilities

Next, you should do a little research. What do you want your new kitchen to look like? How do you want it to function? What type of products are you seeking? Inspiration can be found in magazines, design books, the internet or even a kitchen you’ve been in.

The budget is your outline. Now that you are clear on the reasons for your kitchen remodel and what you want aesthetically it is best to make a list of all needed and desired changes in order of priority. This will give you some perspective about how much of the budget must be allocated to the necessities and how much is available for the extras.

The Guidance

At this point it is time to employ the help of an expert. The important thing to understand is that you are not a professional remodeler; you don’t know what you don’t know. A qualified remodeler is able to inspect your space, gauge the conditions and constraints, as well as determine what alternatives are available based on your needs, desires and budget. An experienced remodeler is familiar with labor costs, product expenses, and project limitation.

Your kitchen makeover will be more organized and easier to execute when you choose to team up with a skilled remodeler. Even the most budget conscious individuals can find solutions for their kitchen makeovers if they know where to look and who to ask. For more information about finding your qualified remodeler please contact the Greater Houston Builders Association.