Can your current home age with you? Do you want to safely, comfortably, and independently live in your home as you grow older or if you were to experience a physical hardship? More and more home plans are incorporating barrier-free, aging-in-place, and accessible elements into their initial design.

As a result of the growing consumer market, there are vastly more style options and products available than there were just a couple of years ago. A home designed with independent living in mind does not look like one. It just looks like a home! Having an accessible, custom home is becoming much more coveted and a function of a dream home.

Keechi Creek Builders will collaborate with you during your design process to identify areas where you can include these details that will maintain quality of life throughout the years, whether it’s for you, your family members, or for resale. We’ll help prioritize which features to incorporate and when for your specific project.

For example, wider hallways, doorways, and zero-threshold showers are elements to be considered prior to construction since they are costly to change years later. Our team consists of several Certified Aging-in-Place Specialists and years of experience building and remodeling in this specialty.

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