AutoCad & 3D Renderings

You’ve figured out the layout of your new bathroom but did you want drawers or cabinets? What was that tile you picked out for the shower surround and how was it going to compare to the floor tile? Is the kitchen island going to be too close to the fridge door when it opens? What’s the cabinet layout going to look like when you’re sitting at your kitchen table? How high will those family room built-in’s go?

Keechi Creek Builders’ AutoCad and 3D Renderings allow you to see exactly how floor plans, cabinets, tile and other elements of your home design are laid out prior to construction. Whether you’re remodeling or building a custom home, these design services help to ensure that every detail of your space is accurate to your selections and to the structural specifications. It’s just one more way we make your custom building or remodeling journey a smooth ride.

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