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(Houston Builder Magazine, June 2011) – There is nothing sweeter to a homeowner than the first breeze of spring, carrying with it the promise of fun times spent outside in the pool, grilling a great meal, or entertaining friends. Nature. Houston is a city that lends itself well to outdoor living and entertaining.

For most of the year, residents are able to enjoy the natural surroundings right outside their door. The more thoughtful we are about developing an outdoor living space, the more we can tailor it to suit the specific needs and desires of our clients. As the demand for outdoor living spaces increases, so does the number of available amenities. Staying informed about the latest design trends and innovative products is a good idea.

Design Considerations

When designing an outdoor living space, the most important thing to consider is how it will function. This will determine the products and structural components best suited for the project. For example, a stained concrete floor would not be a good choice for a pool surround; however, it may work well as the patio floor.

Furthermore, think about the environment and how it will impact the outdoor living space. Influences such as sun exposure, temperature, year round usability, and landscape limitations will also affect the design of a space. For instance, a west facing backyard would benefit from some type of cooling system in the evening during the hot Houston summers.

It could be a ceiling fan, a wall mount fan or a patio misting system. Alternatively, during the cooler months, a fireplace or a fire pit is an option that would be both functional and add to the ambiance of an outdoor room.

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