On the Cover! Metropolitan Builder Features Keechi Creek

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“Keechi Creek Builders Succeeds By Listening”

(Houston, TX, May 1, 2013) — Keechi Creek Builders was selected as the featured builder for the May issue of the trade publication Metropolitan Builder.

“It’s not pounding nails but listening to customers that makes Brandon Lynch, president of Keechi Creek Builders, successful. ‘You have to know who they [customers] are, what they want, and what they’re looking for’ when you work with potential homebuyers, Lynch said.

A former boss advised Brandon to focus on listening. ‘If you listen long enough, you’ll find out everything you need to know about customers and their needs,’ he said. He added that he picks up important cues about customers’ expectations from his careful listening.

‘You’d be surprised how many good builders are bad listeners. A custom home should reflect a customer’s taste and lifestyle. Every customer has wants and needs, which should dictate the products and designs that go into a new home. Fulfilling those is essential to creating a satisfied customer,’ he said.

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